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UPDATE: 10/01/2007:  Sorry for the delays in updates - aren't working away from home now, so will be back on the net......big up cheers to kb9wv for the piccies - more to come soon! May even change the colour of the watermarks to white ;)

Just rattled this site up (as you’ll see, I’m no web designer) to aid in the recognition of official (original), bootlegs, official repairs and ‘unofficial’ releases on the Neo Geo MVS arcade system.

Simply click on the links to the left to navigate to the different menus – the games listed so far are in alphabetical order.

To verify your cart simply open it using a cross-headed screwdriver on the four screws on the underside of the MVS cart, and CAREFULLY lift out the two boards held together by a plastic strip. Pay attention to the way they go in, as you’ll have to return these to their original positions. Be careful not to trash your label as well.

The top board as you take them out is the PROG board, the lower one is the CHA board (it should say on the appropriate boards near the SNK logo). The NGH# at the top of the web page is the number that should appear on the larger chips on both boards. I do not accept responsibility if you damage any of your games!

If anyone's got any more images of carts not in the lists or different to the ones shown(official, bootleg or otherwise), if you can be bothered, please send them to me at: (replace the -at- with @). You'll be fully credited on the image page.

Anyhow, enjoy, I’ll pop up more stuff soon, including a detailed list on recognising a boot and more cart pics….




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